Why do we always assume the worst?

Have you ever noticed that we tend to assume the worst of people? At least I know I’m guilty of this. If someone fails to meet my expectations, my mind tends to go straight toward, “Of course they let me down” rather than “I’m sure their intentions are good” or “I sure hope they’re okay.” I want to make a change. I want to assume the best of people rather than projecting my own anger, insecurities and issues onto others. When I do this, I win in two ways:

1. I create more loving and compassionate relationships with others- Guess what? When people feel believed in and loved they tend to become more loving. They really step up to the plate of whom we believe them to be.  I get to love more and receive more love in return- score!

2. I take responsibility for my own feelings- All of them. When I realize that the anger I project onto others has more to do with me than them or anything they’ve done, sure it stings a little at first (or A LOT) to really own up to my mistakes. But then comes the reward- I realize that everything stems from me, my anger and my HAPPINESS. And that’s empowering. It really all comes down to working on the relationship I have with myself- and I have control over that. I do not have control over others nor should I aim to- that only creates anxiety on my part and resentment on the other’s part.

Let’s aim to assume the best and see how our relationships change. In addition, let’s also assume the best of ourselves, treating ourselves with compassion as we make this transition, mistakes and all.

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