Myth of the Day: People Don’t Change

“You’re not who you were yesterday- stop acting like you are. That’s a memory- this is now. You’re evolving, moving. We are engaging with ourselves from an aspect of ourselves that no longer exists- it cannot. This moment is not bound by time. This moment is full, free, expansive.”

-Panache Desai

I can recall so many times in my life when I either read or heard someone say, “People just don’t change.” It always had such a negative, hopeless connotation to it, and it left me feeling sad because something inside of me knew better. If no one ever changed, life would be so boring! I look at myself today and it’s hard for me to remember the person I was a few years ago. I’m constantly changing.

“People don’t change” is a toxic belief that keeps us limited, holding on to old stories about ourselves and others. Stop holding on to the you of yesterday- attaching yourself to an old story. It’s dragging you down. Why hold on to all that baggage? Let go and expand into the person you want to be today, in this moment. Try looking at someone else with a fresh perspective. We are forever evolving- that’s our purpose in life! So, be grateful for all that has occurred. It has created the person you are today. But remember that no one event defines you. You are living in the now with infinite possibilities before you. Take your pick!

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