How to Get What you Want

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

-Albert Eintstein


We all want to actually live the life of our dreams rather than simply imagining it, right? Well, good news. If you’re already imagining your dream life, then you’re on the right track. Manifest your dreams using these steps:

  1. Use your imagination- My fellow dreamers, I encourage you to keep your heads in the clouds. It is the imagination that creates the ideas that are eventually brought to life. Every reality began with a thought. Really take some time to be with your imagination and get excited about your desires. Thoughts combined with emotions create reality.
  2. Know what you want, not how you will get it-  I think too often we make things overly difficult. We try to figure out what we want and how we will get it. I have found that if I am really clear on what I want, the how reveals itself to me. This is awesome because I don’t have to struggle to come up with all the answers. When we send our desires out with clear intention, the universe goes to work to align our desires with our reality. For instance, my friend Matt wants to get more involved in making music. He’s made this intention very clear to the universe. And guess what? A flyer for free piano lessons showed up on his porch! I made it very clear that I want to travel to Costa Rica. Surprise, surprise…an opportunity has fallen in my lap for a Costa Rican retreat with a fabulous group of friends! See, you can stop making everything so difficult for yourself, really! The universe wants to help you; it’s on your team, and it’s much more intelligent than you are (sorry). Doesn’t that feel better? You don’t have to figure it all out.
  3. Let it go- Know what you want clearly and then let it go. A wise friend of mine made a great point. If we cling to what we want, we send the message that we don’t truly believe in it. Know what you want, and feel confident in your ability to get it in a really warm and loving way. Wrap that intention will all kinds of feel-good emotions and then release it. Of course we can’t be inactive either. We can’t sit around dreaming on our couches all day and expect miracles to happen. But we don’t have to struggle so much either. Know what you want, get the momentum going, be clear in your intentions, stay aware of opportunities, and act when the moment is right. Imagination + Faith + Gratitude for this amazing universe.

“All too often when people talk about creative work, they emphasize strategy. I think this is a lot of rubbish. If you ask an artist how he got where he is, he will not describe breaking in but instead will talk of a series of lucky breaks. ‘A thousand unseen helping hands,’ Joseph Campbell called these breaks. I call them synchronicity. It is my contention that you can count on them.”

– Julia Cameron

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