The Simple Equation to a Beautiful Relationship

Relationships are such an important part of our lives. We were made for connection! We need relationships not only to survive, but to thrive! There is so much talk about what creates the best relationship. We talk about qualities that we want our partner to have. We talk about the way we want our partner to make us feel. We come up with extravagant lists. We like to make it complicated, when really the equation for a flourishing relationship is quite simple.


What does that mean? What is your highest self? Your highest self is who you are meant to be!!

Your highest self is creative, kind, loving, and beautiful! Your highest self is continuously expanding and growing!

That being said, take a look at your relationship (and truly, this applies to all of your relationships- friends and family included). Is your relationship in alignment with your highest self? Does your partner support your creative expression? Does your partner value kindness? Are you able to lovingly give and receive in your relationship? When you are by this person’s side, are you able to stand tall as the most beautiful version of yourself? Does your partner cheer on your growth?

You are blossoming into more each and every day- there’s really no stopping it. So, you must have a partner by your side that honors and cherishes your growth. The relationship cannot happily or healthily thrive any other way because we are here to grow! If your partner prevents you from shining as your highest self, you’re left with all kinds of painful and conflicted feelings because deep down you know you’re not honoring who you really are. Eventually, you’ll have to rip yourself free from the relationship in order to find the real you again! There’s no escaping it- you have to be true to yourself eventually. So, save yourself a lot of time and trouble and choose to be with someone who stands beside you in all your glory from the start!

You have to be true to yourself, so you have to be with someone who loves the true you- creative, kind, full of love, beautiful, and evergrowing. Who wouldn’t want that package anyway?

Think about it. Two whole people standing side by side. Creative. Kind. Loving. Blossoming. What a beautiful thing.

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