Trust Your Joy

About a year ago, I decided to eliminate the word “should” from my vocabulary. Say the word “should” right now- how does it feel? Not good, right? It’s like this long, whiny, heavy, low energy word that implies we have to do something we really don’t want to do, at all!! So why do we buy into it? Why do we allow “should” to have such a powerful say in our lives? I decided to break up with “should.” And let me tell you, life has been so much more liberating ever since! The heavy energy of “should” has been lifted and I am free to soar, putting my faith in a new guidance system.

Today, I trust my joy. The only thing I “should” do is what really makes me happy. Now, when someone asks me to do sojamie-157mething, I stop and check in with myself. Actually, if I have to stop and check in with myself the answer is probably, “No.” Joy is hard to miss. It pops up in your chest instantly, like a big fat, “Yes!” You can trust that. That “Yes!” is honoring your joy, no doubt!

This is a process. It can be hard to actually believe that we are worthy of that much joy. But we are! You are! I started making decisions little by little that honored my joy. As a result, the “should” activities became replaced with joyful activities. And today, I simply can’t find enough room for “should.” Problem solved. Pretty amazing how that works.

You can trust your joy. In fact, you’ll be so glad you did!

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