The Power of Being

“Go find yourself first so you can find me.”- Rumi

I’ve been in Costa Rica for a few days now. I’m surrounded by nothing but green, the air is fresh, and there’s an overwhelming sense of peace. The days seem to drift by in a deliriously blissful kind of way. My friend, Gary, asked, “I guess it’s possible to be this happy back home, huh?” We had to think about it. Why is it so easy to be happy here? To see all of the good in life? To remain in the now, to remain at peace, to feel such joy? costarica

Sylvia responded, “There’s too much stimulus in California.” We’re so busy. So much noise, so much movement. Here, I’ve found the stillness again. You might think, “Stillness, that sounds boring,” I understand. We’ve been taught to be human doers instead of human beings. The more action the better. The harder you work, the more you’re worth. But I’ll tell you another result of being a human doer- you lose your connection to yourself, your connection to others, your connection to nature.

We need solitude to connect again, to remember why we’re here. We’re here to know our souls. To create loving and supportive communities. To feel joy and awe. To have an intimate relationship with mother earth.

There is such beauty in true, present connection. We’ve been sold cheap connections, distractions, and lies. We’ve been told that life is out of our hands. Someone must tell us how to live and what pills to take. But when you slow down and connect, you begin to remember the truth- that we have all the tools we need at our fingertips- for health, for healing, for feeling alive, empowered, in love with ourselves and life. We can find freedom again- and it’s in the being not the doing.

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