The Power to Choose

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Free will. Choice. It’s one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given as human beings. We decide. We make the final call. Life places this buffet of decisions before us and says, “Take your pick!”

I am so grateful for choice….most of the time. Other times, choice is so frustrating! So many choices. So many paths. It’s hard to know if I’m making the right call.

I have this vague idea of what I want to accomplish in life- but which path is the best one to get me there? Do I turn left or right?

“Just tell me what to do!” I’ve tried screaming this in desperation several times, but no one magically appears to answer me (darn). I am left with me- my free will, my intuition, my life in my hands.

Although I often wish everything made sense, I’d never really want it any other way. Would I really want someone telling me what to do? Would I really want to know exactly where I’m going to end up? No way! I love the mystery too much.

It’s like I get to be the star, director, writer, and producer of my own live movie! So much better than sitting on my couch and eating popcorn.

I have to start trusting that I know what’s best for me- my soul knows, my gut knows, my heart knows. Even if I can’t tell you exactly how the choice will play out, I have to TRUST what I’m sensing in the moment and go with it. It’s time for us to know ourselves and trust ourselves.

It’s time to start seeing free will as a friend who asks, “Where would you go? What would you do? I have complete faith in you.”

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