Spring Shedding

Spring cleaning is no joke! A crazy urge has come over me to clean, clean, clean! Papers thrown out by the trash can. Donation boxes packed. Fresh paint on the walls. Awwww. Out with the old and in with the new! I can breathe!

And that’s when it dawned on me…I’ve been dying for organization, fresh, clean! But on a deeper level, my soul has been screaming for SPACE, CLARITY!


What looks like Jamie running around like a mad woman is really so much deeper, even spiritual.


I am shedding an entire chapter. 

I am becoming a blank slate.

I am creating space for the birth of something new.

These last few days have been so much more than spring cleaning. They have been a time of deep reflection. A time to look over my creations of the past year.

Who was I? What did I become? Where do I stand today?

Each token reminds me of a feeling, experience, idea. I reflect. I feel. I appreciate. And then I release it- all of it.

I let go.

It takes trusting. SURRENDERING. But I have no fear. There is no need to fear when you know the truth. Every experience will always be a part of me. Even if I can’t see it, I can always feel it.

I let go of the illusion that I’ve lost something. It’s all still a part of me. And from this place of wholeness, I stand ready to attract even greater experiences.


I release so much. I shed with each paper I throw away. I cleanse with each stroke of fresh paint. I am new. I am open to the next chapter of creations.

We gather, we integrate, we shed. We gather, we integrate, we shed. The cycle continues. And when we allow this cycle to flow freely, we never have to fear. With each phase of integration we grow into richer individuals; therefore, when we shed, we can’t help but gather richer experiences the next time around.

No wonder I’m scurrying around with such excitement! I am thrilled to see what experiences I gather next. I am thrilled to see who I am today! Bring on the richness!

Spring cleaning- a symbol of shedding and cleansing. A liberating and exciting time of year- a space of gratitude for what was and anticipation for what will be!

I look around. My physical space is fresh, organized, reinvented. I look within. My internal space is fresh, organized, reinvented. I am ready to receive the new from a place of clarity.

Today, I remember that every experience remains inside of me. Today, I remember that I am deep, layered, and intricate, but always whole.

I thank every experience for allowing me to stand in this moment- on the verge of my very own new beginning.

4 thoughts on “Spring Shedding

  1. It’s so true! I used to be such a clutterbug collector, but now I rejoice in letting go and passing things on to others. It can be a bit painful at first, but then you feel a million times lighter.


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