Manifest Like a Champ

Manifestation. What a beautiful and empowering process. We visualize what we want to create. We take steps toward that creation. We let it grow and form. And when it’s finally time, when the vision has manifested, we are able to sit back and receive in awe. “Wooow universe! You really are that brilliant and loving. I really can create what I want!”

It’s magical right? Only there’s one little problem. I have no patience! I am great at the visualizing part. I dream up these elaborate scenarios. I feel them. I become overjoyed thinking about them. And then a week goes by…”Still no manifestation of my elaborate dreams?! Ughhh…this is annoying! Where is it?! I give up!”

No, no, no! That’s not the answer.

Manifestation does work. The universe really is that brilliant and loving. But it’s like, “Jamie, you’ve come up with some pretty elaborate plans. Think you could give me a little more time to work my magic?”

Ok, Ok. Forgive me.

Everyday now, I recimages-5ite, “Big picture, big picture, big picture!” Manifestation takes time, especially when you’re trying to create something special.

Thankfully, my patience has gotten way better. Now, I am able to enjoy the journey and celebrate each wonderful step. It’s so much more fun this way! I get all of these small celebrations each day rather than putting so much emphasis on some big end goal. Because the truth of the matter is, there is never an end. It’s a constant unfolding. It’s like getting to unwrap a gift each and every day! We’re actually constantly manifesting!

But we often lose sight of the gifts because they don’t come in the huge, shiny-bowed box we’re envisioning. Broaden your mind. Choose to be thankful. Love each and every awesome step…and you’ll find more presents than you know what to do with! You’ll find yourself in a constant state of receiving all that the universe has to offer.

The real magic isn’t in some one-time special delivery. The magic is in finding yourself in a constant state of receiving.

Allow yourself to receive. See how each step is an important part of your creation. Every rain drop is needed to create the downpour. The universe really is working in your favor. Savor it all.

4 thoughts on “Manifest Like a Champ

  1. It truly is a journey is it not? To have something formulate in the depths of ones mind, the most secret of all worlds. To manifest this idea, and at that time it’s nothing more than an idea, a thought among millions of other thoughts we have everyday.

    I’m glad you’re getting stronger at turning these ideas into physical work. It sure does take time and patience. I cannot wait to see what your beautiful mind puts into the world. I enjoyed this piece very much Jamie.

    And you are right, it is easy to lose sight because the gift isn’t all that big. I spent 6 hours last night writing a 300 word poem. I almost did quit because I wasn’t sure if it was even worth another sleepless night. Have a gorgeous day and keep inspiring, it’s a good color on you =)


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the beautiful and kind response! Makes me feel great! I’m glad you didn’t quit last night 🙂 You have an incredible way with words so keep going! I’m excited to follow your creations too!

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  2. Love this! I’ve been doing my fair share of manifesting lately. I totally agree that we need to let go of how our manifestations are packaged. It has happened many times that I tried to manifest something and kept thinking I wasn’t receiving anything, only to realize it came in a form I was not expecting! The whole process still wows me.


    1. Yes yes yes!! I can be so set on a certain package that I don’t even realize the universe is trying to serve me something so much better! I have to learn to get out of my own way! So glad to hear you’re manifesting girl, that’s awesome! It really is pretty spectacular to step back and observe what’s happened!

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