Trust the Flow

“If a train doesn’t stop at your station, then it’s not your train.” – Marianne Williamson

Ever felt like you were trying so hard to move in one direction, but you were blocked? It seems like the perfect direction. You’ve figured it all out in your head, but the harder you pushed in that direction, the more chaos and struggle emerged?

This has happened to me countless times, and I’ve struggled with knowing when to persevere and when to jump ship.

What I’ve learned is that life should FLOW.

Beautiful Quotes 26When I am completely true to myself and coming from a place  of love – life just works. It is harmonious and fluid and easeful.

So why is it such a struggle to jump ship when a path is clearly not working? Why wouldn’t I love to throw out the path of struggle?

I become too invested in my self-made plans. I’ve come up with an elaborate idea in my mind. I’ve likely invested a lot of energy into this plan, and it can be devastating to be honest with myself. “I have to start all over again?!” I get scared and worried. “If not this plan, then what?”

The answer? I have to let go of thinking I can figure it all out. I have to trust more in following my heart. Because honestly, it’s never a mistake to let go of anything that’s creating a low vibration in my life- I can’t create anything great from that place.

I’ve said things to myself like, “But I’ve invested so much time in this job, relationship, etc.” So what? If it’s not allowing me to be happy, the time means nothing. I’m going to keep doing more of what makes me unhappy because I’ve gotten good at unhappy?  It just makes no sense.

We’ve been taught that struggle leads to achievement, when actually struggle just leads to more struggle. 

Each day, I learn to trust more and more in the flow, knowing that my highest self lives a life of joy, ease, love, and harmony. It’s not irresponsible to want an easeful life because I can create wonderful things when I’m in a high vibrational place.

All I know is that I want ease, flow, joy, love- and the universe knows what would bring me those feelings better than I do. So, I do the best I can to stay in a high vibrational state and then see what the universe brings me. I can trust what comes to me when I am in a state of love and harmony. I cannot trust what comes to me when I’m in a state of chaos and lack.

Trust the flow, not the struggle. 


10 thoughts on “Trust the Flow

  1. We are all too human 🙂 I’ve dumped so much energy into something before that when it was quite clear things are not meant to be I couldn’t let it go.

    Of course that just left me miserable.

    This is certainly something I need to work on more. Trusting the flow of what’s meant to be.

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