Is Your Love True Love?

When I traveled to Costa Rica, I stayed at a beautiful place called Finca de Vida, the Farm of Life. It was spectacular, the creation of a loving couple with a vision to spread healing. People come to the Farm of Life to heal, to grow, to get in touch with a side of themselves that has been lost for too long. An important component of healing is regaining a connection with plants and nature.

On our first night, Brian, the owner, gave us a tour of the farm. He showed us vegetables, fruits, herbs- tons of them, thriving on the farm and used every day for health and healing. All of the plants were just beautiful- rich and full of life.

Why were these plants so spectacular? What was different? As I listened to Brian speak passionately on the plants’ behalf, it became clear. LOVE. I have never met anyone who loved plants the way Brian does. He honors his plants. He plays music for them to increase their vibration. He talks with them and develops a relationship with them. He thanks them for what they bring to his life. The plants have a beautiful home thanks to Brian. They are able to thrive in the environment of love he’s created.

Brian’s love is just beautiful, and he said something equally beautiful as we roamed throughout the land.

“Everything that you love should love you back.”

Plants, animals, food, people.

True love is mutual.

Brian shows his plants so much love, and they provide him with just as much love in return.

Nothing is more beautiful than cultivating authentic, pure love.

The farm taught me to be mindful of my relationships. Are they mutually positive? Is the exchange pure, healthy, and kind? Am I giving AND getting?

Love wouldn’t want it any other way.

(Check out Finca de Vida!)

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