It Starts and Ends with YOU

A while back, I met up with an incredibly passionate and motivated fitness entrepreneur. He was dedicated to living his best life and showing others how to do the same. I love passionate people going after their dreams, so I was excited to sit down with him and get his take on life. Something that he said about fitness always stuck with me:

We tend to believe that if we control the externals- the food we put in our mouths and the exercise we give our bodies- then we will feel good. But it’s actually the opposite. If we take care of our internals- our mind and soul- then we feel good and find it easy to make good health choices. (I mean when do we usually opt for the couch and donuts? When we are tired and stressed, right?)

It makes sense, when we feel good, we have more energy. We feel confident, friendly, motivated, inspired, hopeful, playful, you name it! This doesn’t just apply to making better health choices. We feel more in control of our lives in general! We aren’t as phased by obstacles. We are more likely to stop and have that friendly conversation. We don’t sweat the small stuff. We reach for the stars!

It all starts with you. You feel good, you eat good. You feel good, you move more. You feel good, you are kind. You feel good, you love more. You feel good, you forgive. You feel good, you take a risk. You feel good, you bet on yourself!

Marianne Williamson (my idol) always talks about how quick we are to take care of our physical bodies. We get up and take a shower. We clean off all the physical dirt. What’s just as important is that we take a spiritual shower every morning. That we take time to go inward and clean off all the spiritual dirt. Where have I been off? What am I not seeing? How can I better support myself? How can I love myself more?

When I take the take to get in touch with a place of self-love each morning, my entire day is different. I am more aligned with my highest self. I am kinder to myself and others. I can better see the truth. I don’t easily fall off course. I choose love over fear.

Take the time to go within each day and remember that you matter, that you are capable, that you are loved, that you are in control of your life! And then watch what happens on the outside. My guess is lots of shining!

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