How to Create a Miraculous Life!

For a while, I’ve had the vision of gathering groups of people together for inspiration. I want to create a feeling of community. A place where people gather to lift each other up and get inspired. A group of positivity, support, and love.

I am thrilled to say that I took the first step in this creation. I was having a clarity session with my friend & mentor, Dr. Joan, an intuitive visionary. I expressed my desire to fulfill this intention to Joan. She happIMG_3631ened to be looking for a place to speak! Voila! Just like that, we were on our way! Thank you universe for always providing me with the means to fulfill my dreams!

A group of my friends gathered, all powerful and loving individuals, and Joan spoke with us about how to emerge into our fullest potentials, how to actually live the lives of our dreams, how to create miracles! What messages stood out from Dr. Joan?

You have to BELIEVE you can have the life of your dreams & really FEEL it! That’s not always easy. Joan herself was very shy before becoming a successful chiropractor (one of several successful careers she’s manifested). She knew she was too shy as “Joan” to manifest her vision of successful chiropractor, so she created the image of “Dr. Joan.” Dr. Joan was confident, successful & the ultimate healer. Joan stepped out of her shy image into her new powerful image. Confident Dr. Joan emerged and the clients lined up to be healed.

We have to leave behind the limiting beliefs that are holding us back. Really, it’s our choice!! You don’t have to stay stuck where you are! Who do you want to be? What would it take for you to feel fully alive? Joan wants us to know that we can have lives that make our hearts sing!


Joan told us to start writing down everything we’ve thought of in our wildest dreams, maybe things we’ve never even let ourselves imagine before.

  • What does your dream life look and feel like?
  • What kind of person would it take to get to that life?

Maybe you need to judge yourself less. Maybe you need to be more confident in yourself. Maybe you need to start showing people your work. Maybe you need to wear clothes that are bold and bright and make you feel powerful. Maybe you need to stop feeling afraid to shine. Come on, let yourself! It will feel so good if you just let it!! And then you will show others the way!

Enter an energetic space of confidence and self-love everyday. Recognize the gifts that unfold and express gratitude for them! As Joan says, an attitude of gratitude is a magnet for miracles! Surround yourself with positive groups such as these where others support your dreams and feed the image of your highest self (Joan calls these people Miracle Allies).

Why can’t you have the life of your dreams? Others are doing it. You’re the only one holding yourself back. Strip away all the sabotaging beliefs that are making your life small and boring. Who do you want to be? Who is the person of your dreams? What would it take for you to live a life you absolutely adore?!


Joan believes we all have a unique purpose and destiny. Will you show up for yours?

Stay tuned. Dr. Joan is coming back to speak on creating Personal Power next month. Contact me if you’d like to join!! (

Check Dr. Joan out at

(She’s also an incredible artist who channels and paints divine beings who bring unconditional love, wisdom, guidance, and healing to their owners. I own two and they are phenomenally beautiful and powerful inspirational tools)

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