Stop Pushing and Just Breathe

“Breathe. Relax. Trust in the process.”

Lately, this has been my mantra. And let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. Do we live in a world that teaches us to relax? No way. At least not where I’m from.

I’ve been taught all my life to “make it happen!” Busy, stressed, chaotic, on the verge of a breakdown. Perfect! I’m right on track with the American way!

But wait a minute- do I want to be right on track? I look around me- no one’s smiling, people are yelling or cold or short with one another- but, what the hell, at least we’re all running around like maniacs, and that means we are successful!

Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic, but really, this is kinda ridiculous. What about our health? What about having a sense of peace? What about wanting to smile every now and again?

For me, it’s been about taking a step back from this “make it happen” mentality. It’s been about breathing, relaxing, and trusting in the process.

We have to stop pushing.

Instead, it’s time that we allow ourselves to be pushed from behind by a greater force, a force that’s aligned with divine timing.

We need to step back from this inflated sense of self that says, “I make it happen.”

Instead, we look within with a sense of awe and humbleness to find that we are connected to something greater- a force, an energy that we can flow with if we welcome it.

When we trust in this force, we don’t MAKE it happen, we ALLOW it to happen. The right timing becomes clear. Nothing has to be forced when it is not yet ready. We know we’ll be shown the answer at the right time- whether the right person shows up, the right words pop up…the water suddenly becomes clear.

Let’s give ourselves a break and allow a helping hand (who wouldn’t want help from a divine force anyway?) Let’s stop, breathe, and listen. Let’s trust that when the timing is right, we will know, and that we don’t have to act any sooner.

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