The Soul is Not Logical

The mind. We value it so much. Before we even understand what or who we are, we are placed in school and put to work using our brains.

What did this do to me? It made me think that I AM MY MIND, that I AM MY THOUGHTS.

And what did this create?

A life that is rational, logical, practical. A life that “makes sense.”

It’s rigid. It’s not authentic. It’s not creative, inventive, flowing.

Something feels off? I go to my mind for answers…but it only operates on one mode: LOGICAL.

And sometimes logical doesn’t cut it. Logical is shallow, disconnected, unattached to our soul, our intuition, an inherent knowing that we’ve never learned to trust in. 

What does your intuition have to say about the matter?

What does your heart have to say?

And your soul?

“Does it feel good? Does it inspire you? Follow it.”

“Does it weigh you down. Is it heavy? Let go.”

It can be as simple as that…but we have to make things complicated by getting the mind all tangled up in the matter. Reasoning. Questioning. Doubting. Judging. Labeling with right or wrong.

You don’t need a logical reason to trust in your feelings.

There is a wisdom in you so that’s so far beyond logical. 

A wisdom that shows up as inspiration and intuition.

Say yes to that truth.

Let it guide you to a world that blows logical out of the water.

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