2 Words Hold the Answers to Life

There’s a big buzz around growth lately. Ya know, it’s pretty hip to be “growing.”

“Yeah, I’m really into growing. It’s kind of my thing.”

I joke about it but, to be honest, I love it. If something has to be in, I’m sure a fan of growth (hopefully aimed in the right direction, with the right intentions).

That being said, I’m not one for right or wrong, black or white. I think everything comes in a shade of grey.

But how do we at least aim our arrows toward the destination of highest good?

Personally, my aim has been off. While I thought I was close to the target, I now see I was completely missing the board.

I talk a lot about finding our purpose and living our joy (as many people are these days). And while I think this intention is good, it can also steer us away from true happiness and actual growth.

When I focus too much on searching for my unique purpose, it becomes about me. “Me, Me, Me.” How am I different? How am I special? It’s about me feeling important.

It can get self-centered and lots of sneaky ego can get in the mix.

Lately, I had to take a step back and reevaluate. I had become so obsessed with “finding my path” that I had forgotten what really mattered to me in the first place, what I really want to take a stand for in this life.

I remember when I was in Costa Rica taking part in sacred ceremony. The shaman leading our group spoke on the meaning of life.

“Service and gratitude.” 

Two words. That simple.

The moment he said it, I knew. Yes, that was it. That is why we’re here.

It’s not about finding ways to make myself feel special. It’s not about convincing myself that I am different and have a unique path to follow. That promotes separation. That is ego.

We are here to be used for the highest good. We are here to connect with and help one another. We are here to be grateful for however life shows up for us.

None of us are unique. And all of us are unique. We don’t have to keep struggling to figure that out. We can stop wasting our energy searching for answers and invest our energy into being grateful here and now.

We simply must ask that we be used for the highest good each day. And we must have gratitude for the path that shows up for us.

We must allow the universe to unfold for us and through us.

It’s not going to look like you’ve pictured and planned in your head (the universe is a lot smarter than you, sorry). But that should be a total relief. You can relax! It’s all good!

When you shift to an attitude of service and gratitude, you stop worrying about what the path will look like. You stop trying to force it into what you want it to be.

You start to realize that’s not your job, that the universe can create a much greater plan if you just get out of the way and let it.

How do you let the universe do its thing? How do you align with the highest good?

You start appreciating the life you have now. You show up for it as best you can. You love it. You appreciate it. You adore it. You let it awe you (I mean, have we forgotten that we’re spinning around on a planet in the middle of an infinite galaxy?!)

And you are willing to be of service to it.

That’s when the real growth starts. That’s when the real change happens. That’s when the real joy emerges. And that’s when the path (more beautiful than any you’ve struggled to conceive) rolls out with golden trimmings.

2 thoughts on “2 Words Hold the Answers to Life

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    click my awards/nominations page on my blog for those links. If you knew you were nominated already, you can ignore this!

    – ❤ Sandy
    p.s. like this post! keep writing! 🙂


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