I Have a Secret For You…You are Here to Thrive

I have an experiment for you. All I ask for is one day’s participation. Are you in?

What if for one day you made the conscious decision to let go of the desire to “fix”?

What if for one day you just gave yourself permission to drop it all off the to-do list.

How does that sound?

The two-year plan you were working on- it’s not your job anymore. All the ways you feel responsible for “changing” your partner, your parents, your friends- that’s not your burden to carry. All the thoughts that cross your mind when you look in the mirror- “I could really lose that” or “tone that”- guess what? Not your job today.

Today, there is no plan, no agenda, no super hero that needs to save the day.

“Buttt….ahhhhh?!” I know what you’re thinking.

“What do I do with all this…uhhh…space??”

Shocking to realize how much time and energy we waste drifting away from the present moment.

But that’s just it…now THE PRESENT MOMENT is yours.

And what will you do with the present moment now that there is nothing to fix?

Perhaps enjoy exactly where you are today. You could dive into your work knowing that your presence will carry you further than some imaginary two-year plan that you “need” to come up with for security. Screw that- be present with your work everyday and the plan will take care of itself- the doors will open effortlessly. 

You could choose to love your partner, your parents, your friends for exactly who they are today. What would your relationships look like if they had no agenda? If you weren’t convinced that everyone just needed to be more like you? That leaves a whole lotta room for just loving people- love is what changes us anyway.

You could shift from an attitude of “fixing” to an attitude of gratitude. I am grateful for all that I have today. Today, I am at the perfect place on my perfect path. I thank my body, I thank my home, I thank nature, I thank spirit, I thank the infinite possibilities before me.

Wow…I don’t have to save the world? I don’t have to know what the next year is going to look like? I don’t have to change people? I don’t have to beat myself up for things that don’t even really bother me but society has convinced me to think should bother me?

No. You can drop it all. You can get out of your fearful mind once and for all. And you can come back to thriving in the present moment– the way you ran around for hours playing as a child, the way you got lost in the swimming pool or the mud or the laughter. We are here to thrive in the present moment.

You are here…now. And if you’d just let it all go…all the worry and doubt and fear…you’d realize that there is a marvelous party waiting for you. Each moment is here for you, now, waiting for you..ALL OF YOU…to show up. 

Give your mind a break. Thank it for how hard it’s worked. But now we give it permission to rest.

It’s time for the heart to step in and take the lead. All is well. And the party is just getting started.

2 thoughts on “I Have a Secret For You…You are Here to Thrive

  1. Once again your timing is awesome! I have been trying to make up for time I thought was lost. That’s the problem, it’s not THERE anymore. Fixing it can only be done by being Here. We all slip off the wagon but getting back on after reading this blog is so much easier. Thanks…again.

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