If You Never Ask, You’ll Never Get

Are you a pleaser?

I am.

I love to bring happiness. I love to nurture. I love to make others comfortable.

I mean, how many times have you stopped yourself from saying what you really thought? How many times have you held back from expressing your needs because you feared you’d make the other person uncomfortable?

It says a lot about you. You probably have a big heart. You’re probably able to empathize with others. You’ve probably gotten really good at sacrificing.

But let’s just pretend sacrificing wasn’t an option. What would that kind of life look like? Let’s try it on.

How would it feel to confidently express your thoughts without hesitation?

How would it feel to get in touch with your needs and ask for them?

There comes a time in your life when you realize that the whole point of this life thing is to BE YOURSELF.

But do you even know who you are anymore underneath all that pleasing?

Does it piss you off when you realize how many times you’ve turned your back on yourself?

Good. It should.

Who are you? Why are you here? What do you believe in? What do you want?

Take a few minutes to answer each of these questions.

Now…think about your job, your relationship, your lifestyle, your choices.

Do they align with the person you know you are?

Somewhere along the line we learned that being socially acceptable and polite was more important than being ourselves. Somewhere along the line we learned that being quiet was better than being too loud. 

But don’t you want to make some noise while you’re here? To make a difference?

Your desires, your thoughts, your beliefs…they are meant to be shared!

You have every right to to be the outgoing, fun, weird, passionate, thoughtful person you are when no one is looking. You have a right to disagree. You have a right to ask for what you want. You have to right to open your heart and make your desires known.

That’s who the world wants to see…YOU…all of you.

Think about it….think about the people that have meant the most to you in your life. Were they always pleasant? Were they always vanilla?

Or did they mix it up? Were they all colors of the rainbow?

I bet they made some noise or they wouldn’t have made an impact in your life.

You have so much to share, and it’s not a mistake- you’re meant to share it!

Take some time to remember your own needs and take them seriously.

When we start standing up for what we truly want, the universe rewards us by giving it to us!

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