How Do You Measure Success?


If you ask me why we’re here….we’re here to grow.

We’re here to to continuously unfold. To shed and reemerge anew. So much so that, as years pass, we look back and hardly remember who we were.

We add layers in the beginning, but the shedding comes next (hopefully sooner than later). For soon, we come to realize that nothing needs to be added. In fact, we’ve added too much already.

So, we start to shed. We start to let go.

We let go of all our shit and watch the layers fall to the floor. And we’re delightfully surprised by the lightness that’s gained. It’s easier to walk, it’s easier to breathe, it’s easier to laugh and cry, and love. We don’t stress about the little things anymore, and hardly the big things. We start meeting our needs. We stop abandoning ourselves.

We show up. We show up for ourselves and our deepest desires. We see differently- everything looks different…more beautiful. We feel different- more open and honest and unapologetically present. A freedom is found. A comfort in our own skin. A deep acceptance.

We are here to shed the layers until only freedom and love remain. Nothing else is standing in our way or clouding our vision. We are present. Alive. We remember the divine essence of which we came.

Our tools for measuring success have changed. We no longer look to external “things” like money for validation. Instead, we look to our growth- emotionally and spiritually.

All that really matters is our constant unfolding. And our only job is to fully allow it.

To allow it in a way that feels natural and flowing with ease.

We no longer get distracted or pressured to act before it’s time– in order to gain security or “look good.” We honor our individual processes, our own perfect timing, our own innate knowing. We honor a way of life that feels good. That feels graceful.

Goals, checklists, timelines- they are fun to play around with . To daydream with. But external accomplishments don’t hold the same weight they used to.

Today, we look within to gage our bearing.

We feel good about the people we’re becoming. We feel good about the relationships we’re cultivating. The way we’re treating people. The ways we’re opening ourselves to possibility and wonder. The ways we’re being vulnerable. The ways we’re showing up for ourselves. Treating ourselves. Loving ourselves.

We act without shame. We give without fear. We receive without guilt. 

We feel happy. We feel light. We feel alive.

These are our markers for success. The way we feel, and we feel good.

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