Ask the Girl to Dance


Corporate America is heavily lopsided in terms of energy. We have been taught to lead forcefully. To get things done. To have a timeline. We have been taught to be masculine.

Set a goal. Come up with the steps to achieve it. The masculine is determined, and that is a beautiful thing.

But what about the feminine? Where is the wiggle room? Where is the honoring of flexibility and not knowing? Where is room for being in awe and the abstract? Where is trust? Trust in something more than we can possibly know or see.

It is time for us to move toward trusting the feminine. The one with creativity and flow. The one who sees beyond linear timing into divine timing.

“What is your timeline?” they say.

We force the timing.

The masculine wants to do it now.

But it is the feminine who flows and truly knows.

Flows. Yes. This is the most important state of being. To be here now. To be in the flow. To be following the energy of this moment wholeheartedly. To know what it feels to be alive and thriving in the now.

The feminine trusts this flow, and she trusts that life will show up for her when she is immersed in this groove.

She knows that problems occur when we push before we can clearly see.

We may even wind up on a path that isn’t ours out of panic.

The feminine checks in with herself. This decision feels good even though she’s not sure where it will lead. Who cares. She says yes and moves forward. She doesn’t have to know what the next step will be. She knows it will appear if she takes the first step.

Think of Hansel and Gretel following the trail, one breadcrumb at a time, each crumb a stepping stone to a house of gumdrops they couldn’t see.

The feminine knows this. She knows that it’s all going to make sense in the end, and it’s going to come together better than she could have dreamed (or planned or forced), so she softens and moves gently, gracefully, like a leaf being blown by the wind. She is light. She is free.

But the masculine feels uncomfortable here. Where is the goal? How will we get there? It can be hard to switch over to this path of not knowing, this path of allowing and trusting that you’re going to get where you need to be.

(We’re not taught to believe in magic). 

The timing is right when we trust the feminine rather than forcing the masculine.

But I am not saying the feminine can do it alone. We need the masculine. The masculine sets the framework. The masculine supports the feminine.

They make a beautiful team. And it’s about weaving them team together differently, magically. It’s about allowing the feminine to take the lead with her creativity and vision and then watching the masculine step in to support her in building.

The true masculine allows the feminine space. Space to shift. Space to flow. And the masculine is strong enough to shift with her, honoring and respecting her.

The feminine is wild creativity, and just as she’s about to soar over the edge, the masculine catches her. He contains her. But he does not suffocate her. Her holds her gently, safely.

We all have the feminine within. We all have the masculine too. So learn to tango. Take back the flow that is rightfully yours. Enjoy the space. The creativity. Enjoy what shows up when you’re aligned with true freedom.

Flow with the feminine and then call in the masculine when it is time; time to build your dreams.

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