The Seer of Things Unseen

There once lived a girl who grew up in a land of vivid greens. What a place to grow up. There is such life in that kind of nature. What else do you really need when you’re able to get lost with yourself in the woods? There, in the thick of the woods, the girl learned freedom. She heard it in the rushing river. She felt it in the heart of the oak tree. She smelled it in the crisp air.

And when the girl was grown, and it was time to move away from those friendly woods, she was sure to take what she’d learned with her. She placed the freedom in her bones. She became as strong as those old oak trees. Determined as the setting sun, there wasn’t anything she couldn’t achieve. Many wondered how she did it.

But those friendly woods knew. They held her secrets. The way she could play in her imagination for hours. The way she could flow like the river. The way she could create beauty out of thin air. Create. Yes. That was it. The girl had a knack for creating. She could see things that no one else could see. Was it magic? Probably. Magic and a mind running on high-voltage electricity.

Those friendly woods knew, yes. They knew more than the girl herself of the power she possessed. The power to turn rust to gold. The power to sprinkle the land with her dreams.

But where could she find that in this world? She was grown now. There were rules. Structures. Reality. The freedom she’d found in the woods wasn’t man-made.

But the woods still remained in her soul, and so she turned to them for an answer. She remembered the girl in the woods who’d pressed her ears upon the trees….trees that whispered….

You are the creator. An artist. A dreamer.

Ahhh, yes. Now the woman remembered. The freedom wasn’t man-made, it was artist-made, and she was just that. And so she returned to her imagination and accepted her role: The Seer of Things Unseen. The Creator of Things Not Yet Created. And it was now her job to create them. Why? So they could indeed be SEEN. If not her, then who? She was here to create beauty out of thin air. Beauty that relied upon her to be shared.

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