New Moon in Sagittarius: Planting Seeds of Freedom

Today (Nov 29) the new moon rests in Sagittarius.

The new moon (when the moon is dark) marks the beginning of a new cycle: a time to start fresh, regroup, plant seeds, set intentions, envision, plan, set goals, feel into what you want to happen in the coming month, get clear (you get the idea).

And we have the fiery energy of Sagittarius to light the way as we set our intentions.

I love Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius: the student, the gypsy, the philosopher.

The student who asks, “What is my purpose?”

The gypsy who asks, “Where am I going?”

The philosopher who asks, “What is my place here?”

Sagittarius represents the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Questions, ideas, meanings. There is so much to see and so little time!

And Sagittarius doesn’t wait. Sagittarius boldly shoots herself into uncharted territories: into a new book, into a new class, into a jungle in the Amazon, into a new dimension 😉 Anything that will allow for expansion.

The goal? Finding answers. Finding meaning. Finding truth. Finding freedom. Finding adventure. Finding life.

It’s never about the destination with Sagittarius because she knows that once a destination is reached, a new one appears. There is no endpoint. It’s about the journey. It’s about the endless flow of expansion. The never-ending quest for those juicy morsels of life experience.

Sagittarius puts one foot in front of the other and celebrates each step. There is an endless amount to learn, to see, to do. We are never done. There is always more. And Sagittarius revels in that: the endless depth, the endless quest.

That is the way of Sagittarius: always moving, always learning, always expanding. Loving the process. Celebrating each step. Savoring each insight.

And what a beautiful way to live life. Fully PRESENT. Fully grateful for each morsel and how it propels you forth on your journey. Fully seeing how necessary each moment is in the grand scheme of life and the building of you.

So, as you plant your seeds on this new moon, Sagittarius asks you to:

Feel into your current experience of life.

Do you like how you feel? Do you like the journey you’re on? Does it feel juicy and adventurous and expansive and exciting?

Does life feel meaningful?

Do you feel free?

Have you launched yourself forward into any new experiences lately?

Have you dared to step into the unknown?

Because Sagittarius knows that the unknown is nothing to fear. In fact, it is something to celebrate. The unknown is the only place where we can stretch our limits and dive deeper into life.

So, as you navigate this new moon, don’t focus so much on the endpoint. Focus on how you’d like to feel in each moment on your journey. Consider how you might shift your way of being or a perspective in order to feel more expansive in your life. Maybe you sing more, or say “Yes” more, or decide that yes you are worthy of that desire in the back of your mind. Let yourself flow. Let yourself dance through the journey.

This new moon is an opportunity to plant seeds of freedom, adventure, celebration, and expansion. This new moon is an opportunity to envision freedom as your way of being rather than some destination to achieve. 

The endpoint is not the goal here. Do you like how you spend each day? Do you like the experiences you’re having? Do you like how you feel? Are you growing? Sagittarius is not concerned about reaching the finish line. As far as Sagittarius is concerned, there is no finish line. There will always be more to see, more to gather, more to learn. And THAT’s the beauty of it all. The never-ending journey. Just make sure you like what you’re gathering EACH DAY on your journey.

For this infinite quest is nothing more than infinite moments. Time will continue. Years will pass by. That is inevitable. What’s not determined is how you’ll show up for each moment of your life. It’s not determined that you’ll choose to celebrate each step. It’s not determined that you’ll sprinkle your journey with boldness and adventure and joy and purpose.

So, show up for each moment. Celebrate each step. Get excited about the progress you’re making each day, and take some time to dance and sing in between.

You’re going to get there no matter what, but you decide how. You decide how your journey feels. You decide how exciting it gets. You decide how free you get to be.

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Happy planting,



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