Give me Simple over Abundant

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
-Wayne Dyer


It’s the hot word on the street. I’ve asked for it in my prayers. I’ve written it out time and again in my journal and on my vision board.

MORE. Give me more. I want more money! More opportunities. More love. More recognition.

I mean isn’t that what we’re asking for when we say, “Give me abundance”?

We all want more.

At least I did.

But lately, I’ve been questioning this. These days, I have MORE. I’m doing MORE. There’s a whole lot MORE in my life right now, and yet the main feeling that accompanies me is exhaustion. My life has gotten so crowded that all I want is more room to breathe.

Was this really what I was after? Why did I want to be abundant so bad anyway?

Did I think abundance would make me look more impressive? Did I think it would make me feel better? Did I think I’d have more fun? Probably all of the above. I mean, we’re taught that right? We live in a society where more is better. The more shiny things we have, the more worthy we are. And apparently, I bought into it.

But now I’m confused. This whole abundance thing has left me stressed out. I’m having trouble keeping up. And I’m also hearing a deep, spooky voice looming in my head saying, “Be careful what you ask for.”

Is abundance really what we’re after? Is having MORE really what brings us happiness?

I remember when I went on a trip to Nepal. I was astonished. Here I was meeting people who had so little (or so I thought) yet they were the most alive I’d ever seen.

Later, I came to realize that they viewed abundance completely differently. They weren’t after more in terms of money or “stuff.” They wanted to be abundant in meaning, and they were. They knew how to sing and dance and connect with others with so much love and vibrancy. They knew how to connect to their own souls.

So, I guess abundance isn’t really the problem here. The real problem is I haven’t clearly defined the kind of abundance I’m after.

So what do I desire? What is this essence of abundance really about?

Maybe it’s not about more on the outside. Maybe it’s about more on the inside. 

Less stuff. Less distractions. Less busyness.

More presence. More joy. More depth.

An abundance of really being here fully, wholly, richly in this moment.

Being abundantly present.

Because doesn’t abundance actually come when we’re focused on less? When we’re present and do something well? Rather than when we run around like mad, spread ourselves thin and half-ass everything we do?

Maybe it’s a new kind of abundance I crave. An abundance where I stop focusing so much on shiny objects and instead focus on a richness within. 

And maybe I won’t find that richness with more, but with LESS.

With simplifying my life. With creating a rhythm. With getting quiet and getting in touch with myself each day.

By slowing down. By being truly present with myself.

I wonder what kind of abundance I’d find then?

I know one thing for certain. I’ll be sure to clarify what I’m asking for next time I ask for abundance.


Less that allows me to be more present with myself.

Less that gives the few things that are truly important to me the focus they need to grow.

Less that is sure to blossom into the more I truly desire. A more that feels meaningful.

A meaningful abundance.

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