Are You Tired of Vanilla? Full Moon in Cancer Guidance

The full moon blossoms in Cancer tomorrow, Thursday, January 12,  shining a spotlight on our deepest feelings- the ones we don’t want to feel, the ones we hide, the ones we tend to run away from.

This is a day to be tender with yourself. 

Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother, feels it all. She holds it all. But sometimes the load is just too much. Sometimes she doesn’t want to hold it all together. Sometimes she  wants to get messy. To let it all fall apart so she can cleanse herself and start fresh again.

Cancer is the sign of the crab. Underneath her shell, she can be more in tune with her squishy, vulnerable emotions than any other sign, but not if she judges them as wrong. Labels them bad. Runs. Hides behind her shell.

With the moon shining brightly in Cancer, it gets harder to hide from our feelings nor is this the time for that. This is the time to listen, really listen. What feelings are being exposed? What messages are being dispensed? What do you need to hear? What have you been resisting? Why?

Maybe they’d cause you to feel, maybe they’d cause you to feel too much. Better to put the armor on. Better to be invincible. We’ve all been hurt before when we dared to put ourselves out on a limb. Why would we be that stupid again? We learn to put up our guards. This time, we are strong.

Cancer wears her shell for good reason. She doesn’t want to hurt anymore. She’s fallen before. She’s taken the bold move to express herself and gotten shut down. Sometimes the feelings are too soft, too tender, and where is there space for that tenderness in this tough world?

So, the shell thickens. The walls build. And sure, Cancer may feel safer inside her shell, but it also gets lonely. And which is worse? We are built for connection, and connection requires vulnerability. We have to be soft. We have to get real.

Cancer, in her highest expression, knows that her vulnerability is not her greatest weakness, but, indeed, her greatest strength.

When Cancer hits her prime, she knows every risk is worth the gift of being fully human, fully feeling in a world that tells us not to be. She dares to get honest. She dares to feel it all. She dares to express the tenderness of her truth without shame or guilt clouding her. These are her superpowers. These are the strengths that allow her to be internally cleansed and free. These are the actions that allow her to break down her walls and build authentic connections.

Today, Cancer asks us to cultivate love for our feelings, love for our tenderness, even love for the wounds that hurt and need to be nurtured. Nothing is bad nor shameful. It is all part of being human, fully and daringly.

Cancer knows that every feeling is on her side, trying to take her deeper to her truth and her needs,  so she can fully meet herself.

As this full moon glows, Cancer asks us to be honest with our feelings without shunning them or stuffing them into a cobwebbed closet. Only then can we connect fully to ourselves, to the body of flesh that rests beneath the armor. Flesh that is so beautifully squishy and soft and vulnerable. Tenderness that ends up making us stronger than any suit of armor ever could because we are no longer afraid to feel. And as we do our own work, we start to attract others who have done their work too. Others who have dared to feel. Others who have sewn themselves back together again. It feels good to meet others on this level. It is refreshing to no longer have to hide or play invincible.

Cancer has worn her shell long enough and it is heavy. She learns to let herself off the hook. She is not just a shell of strength. She is raw. She is real. She is messy. She fires her guards. She opens the gates to her fortress. She is ready to connect with her emotions. She is ready to connect with others.

As Cancer dances in the moon’s spotlight, she asks us to join her. Come shine in the light. Dare to be fully seen.

And it starts with fully seeing yourself. Feeling your feelings. Listening honestly and accepting what you find, accepting what you really need courageously. Take some quiet time to just be with yourself on this full moon. Just be. Just listen. What do you need? How can you nurture yourself? Is there anything you are longing to say or do? Something that feels real, tender, maybe even messy? How can you meet your needs without judgment? How can you dare to be vulnerable?

Cancer knows that our feelings are our greatest source of power. They are our friends. They are our guiding light. They allow us to tap into our humanness, to true connection, to refreshing realness.

No more armor. Nothing to hide. A rich, complex, deep, and expressive human being who is tired of vanilla and ready to feel all the colors of the rainbow.

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