The Beauty of a Broken Heart

Take your broken heart. Turn it into art. – Carrie Fisher

Heartbreak is swirling in the air. It’s everywhere you look collectively, but it seems to be happening a lot personally too. Letting go, saying goodbye, leaving behind what we once knew- a common theme right now for myself and a remarkable amount of my friends. It’s hard. It’s scary. What comes next? Can I handle it? I just keep coming back to this quote: “Take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

If nothing else, if nothing seems clear, if no answers are in sight, just take your broken heart and make art with it. Dance with it. Sing with it. Write, paint, create with it. Reinvent with it. Transform with it. Reemerge. Go beyond with it. Or yell, scream and curse with it. Whatever you gotta do to heal it. To feel it. To be with it.

Not many of us dare to go to the core of our tender hearts. If we do, we don’t stay long. We run, hide, distract ourselves from it. But if you stayed, you might be surprised. You might find something different than the monster you imagine. You might find strength. You might find healing. You might find new hope. You might find your truth. You might create something entirely different. You might be set free.

–in honor of this new moon in Aquarius (the rebel, the truth seeker). Aquarius goes where others are afraid to. She leaves the comfort zone in favor of her heart. And because she stays close to her truth, she ends up paving the way for others.

So come on in, and stay awhile. Your tender heart is calling.

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