Fuck the “right” answer

I am a chronic dreamer. I can dream for days. They soar beyond the tallest buildings. Dreaming is not my problem though, or is it?

After the drunken dreaming high wears off, I stumble around in a kind of fog. A dream hangover. For the dream is still a dream. Just a dream.

It’s not real, and this frustrates me. How do I make it real? How do I take these ideas, these visions that fill me with life and give them life? It can all feel so overwhelming.

Where do I begin? What’s the first step? What’s the right step?

Hold on a minute. This is where I catch my mistake.

I’ve decided that there is a RIGHT step, and until I can be certain of this RIGHT step, I cannot begin. And how could I possibly know what the right step is? I am no expert. I am no master. Maybe I’d be better off hiring a master, an expert. Maybe a coach could steer me in the right direction.

And now, I am even more confused. Where do I find this coach? And how do I know if it’s the RIGHT coach? Ugh. Here we go again with finding the RIGHT answer.

Let’s pause for a moment. This way of thinking doesn’t feel good.

What if I saw it differently?

What if I understood that, truly, there is no RIGHT answer? That, instead, there are infinite answers and they are all there for the picking. Ripe. Ready to be chosen, explored, tested, tried.

And maybe my choice will be the right answer. Maybe it will soar beyond rooftops and overflow with success. Or maybe it will tank. Maybe it will be the wrong answer that gives me clarity and helps me find the right one.

Either way, “right and wrong,” it’s all bullshit. And as long as I stay trapped in this way of thinking, I’ll never have the guts to begin because the stakes are too high, too serious.

So, I throw “right and wrong” out the window, and I change my focus. I am not on a mission for the RIGHT answer. I am on a mission to create, to explore, to learn, to expand. I am playing a game. I get to steer the ship of my own life, and it is a pleasure.

And I start to realize that it’s never truly about “right or wrong.” It’s only ever about ACTION. Having the courage to take ACTION. To take a chance. To explore. To really show up. To deem my dreams worthy of my time and my attention. To deem myself worthy of creating in the way I like, I please, I desire.

And I see the truth. It has never been about getting it RIGHT. It has only ever been about wanting to give MY dreams wings to fly. Not your dream. Not the RIGHT dream.

All I’ve ever really wanted is to know the joy of giving MY dream a try.


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